A Reflection on the April 24th Hollywood March for Justice

Armenian_Genocide_March_For_Justice_Little_Armenia_Unified_Young_Armenians_UYA_2.jpgThe #Armenian-#American voters do not have short memories. They will not forget their elected officials who joined President #Obama in playing dirty politics with such sensitive issues for millions of Armenians, such as the #ArmenianGenocide and #Artsakh's independence.

Tens of thousands of the #MarchforJustice participants in #LittleArmenia wondered about the whereabouts of their local elected officials.

We thank #Glendale City Council-member Vartan Gharpetian, #LosAngeles City Council-member Mitch O'Farrell, and President of Glendale Unified School District Dr. Armina Gharpetian who as the only elected officials joined Congressman Adam Schiff in leading the Sunday's March for Justice in #Hollywood.

We will ensure that in the future, it takes much more than just making few populist speeches and playing with people's emotions to win the votes of the Armenian constituency.

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